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North Ethiopia 06 Days Tour

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Addis Ababa
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The Historic Route is one of the greatest treasures of Ethiopia. Nowhere else in the world can you see riches of mans past such as those in the northern part of Ethiopia most of them . .
Country: Ethiopia
City: Addis Ababa
Duration: 6 Day(s) - 5 Night(s)
Tour Category: Historic Tour
Departure Date: Thu 01 Jan '99
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The Historic Route is one of the greatest treasures of Ethiopia. Nowhere else in the world can you see riches of man’s past such as those in the northern part of Ethiopia most of them are registered by UNSECO as a world heritage site.

A history that stretched back to the time of prehistoric man the 5th century B.C pagan temple of Yeha, Debre Damo monastery to more than 3000 years old history of Axum with the rock Churches of Tigray just prior to their cousin in Lalibela dated back from the 6th-10th, the 12th-century rock-hewn churches of Lalibela, the UNESCO heritage walled city of Harar, the medieval castles of Gondar, the famous Blue Nile fall with the 13th-century painting monastery of Lake Tana at Bahir Dar spectacular scenery, peoples, customs landscape Riches that cover the history of Ethiopia

​From the 1st early beginnings to the modern-day, riches are set among some of the most stunning scenery in Ethiopia and where our people work today, just as their ancestors have done for generations. As scholars say “Lalibela represents the supreme wonder and mystery of Ethiopian civilization, Gondar it’s pride, Bahirdar is natural bounty and Harar its exotic mosaic culture and Axum stands as the fountainhead of all this where civilization born and fertile.

Day 01- Arrival in Addis Ababa

Upon your arrival at Bole International Airport and you will clear immigration and proceed to baggage claim, after collecting your checked bags, clear customs and pass through the arrivals hall where you will be met by our representative, who will assist you with your transfer to your hotel.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Haigh Roof Mid-Van

Accommodation: Sapphire International Hotel


You will cover approximately 2.8 km and 12 minutes drive

Driving hours will vary depends the traffic crowded

Day 02- Full Day Visit - Boat Trip and Blue Nile Water Fall

Early in the morning after your breakfast, you will meet the guide and transfer to the airport for the domestic flight. After a one-hour flight, you will arrive at Bahirdar. Based on your arrival time you will take a scenic drive of 32 km to the little town of Tiss-Abay and walk for about twenty minutes to visit the famous Blue Nile Falls.

The falls is locally known as Tiss-Isat meaning, “Water that smoke”. Those who may wish to descend to the base of the falls must be climb back to the other side and cross the Blue Nile in a boat in-order to back to the point of departure.

After lunch, you will have a boat cruise on this beautiful highland lake to see the monastery church of the beautifully decorated Ura-Kidanmihret, and Azwa-Mariam that allows both genders. One of these is the 14th-century Monastery of Ura Kidanemihret which is the most famous of the Zege peninsula monasteries with very beautiful painted maqdas and a priceless collection of crosses as well as crowns.

Under the thatched roof of the monastery, there are some distinctive colorful frescoes of religious scenes an impressive display of illuminated bibles written in “Geez” the religious language from which Amharic is derived.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner

High Roof Mid-Van and Domestic flight

Accommodation: Jacaranda Hotel


You will cover approximately 70 km and 4 hours drive

Driving hours will vary depending on photo stop, pee stop, …

NB: The Blue Nile Falls are not that much impressive at this time due to the water volume. It is impressive when the rainy season is over September to November.

Day 03 - Drive Bahirdar – Gondar- Explore Gondar

After breakfast drive to Gondar 180 km to conduct a tour of Gondar known as the “Camelot” of Africa, nestled in the foothills of the breathtaking Semien Mountains National Park. It is in the northwestern part of the country was the 17th and 18th-century capital city of Ethiopia, which was founded by Emperors Fasiladas (1632 – 1667) and was home to a number of emperors & warlords, curtsies, and kings who built several castles and palaces around the area.

Visit the oldest and the most impressive Gondarian structure, the magnificent castle compound including the two-storied palaces of emperor Fasiladas, built of roughly hewn brown basalt stone held together with mortar, the fantastically decorated Debre Brehan Silassie Church (light of Trinity), the bath (now baptismal place during Ethiopian Epiphany, January 19) of King Fasiladas and the ruined palace of Queen Mintiwab at Qusquam, were the Scottish explorer James Bruce used to reside for sometimes, overnight hotel.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Haigh Roof Mid-Van

Accommodation: Goha Hotel


You will cover approximately 210 km and 4 hours drive

Driving hours will vary depending on photo stop, pee stop, …

NB: Optional Activities Awra Amba community- is an Ethiopian community of about 400 people, located 73-kilo-meters east of Bahir Dar in the Fogera woreda of Debub Gondar Zone. It was founded in 1980 with the goal of solving socio-economic problems through helping one another in an environment of egalitarianism—in marked contrast to the traditional norms of Amhara society.

Founded by Zumra Nuru, who currently serves as co-chairman of the community, with 19 other people who shared his vision, as of 2007 Awra Amba has some 400 members, and is lauded as a model to alleviate poverty and promote gender equality in a country where women are generally subservient to men)

Day 04 - Fly Lalibela and Visit Yimirahane Kiristos Church

Fly from Gondar to Lalibela for around 30 minutes. When you will arrive at Lalibela check in to your hotel. You will drive an excursion to Yemrehana Kristos, a beautiful church situated in a shallow cave that actually predates the churches of Lalibela.

The drive to Yemrehana will also give you the opportunity to view the rural countryside and villages of the Ethiopian highlands. Following lunch, continue your tour of the Lalibela churches. Overlooking the mountain of Abune Yosef, the tallest mountain in Lasta, we drive towards one of Ethiopia's best-preserved late Axumite churches.

Named after the 12th-century Zagwe priest-king and saint, the church of Yemrehana Kristos is built of stone and wood inside a cave. We will make a ten-minute walk uphill through a forest of juniper trees to the entrance. As well as it is wondrous setting, behind the church lies a pile of mummified bodies said to be that of pilgrims and holy men. Legend has it that the Caliph Saladin himself gave a door found inside this church as a gift during the time of the crusaders.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Haigh Roof Mid-Van

Accommodation: Maribel Hotel


You will cover approximately 90 km and 4 hours’ drive

Driving hours will vary depending on photo stop, pee stop, …

Day 05 – Visit Lalibela

After breakfast, you will start the full-day visit to Lalibela. You will visit the first cluster of Lalibela churches. You will start your visit Lalibela the brilliant feats of engineering and architecture, are often by many referred as the “8th wonder of the world” which is exceptional to find eleven rock-hewn churches of such master craftsmanship in one place.

You will have a short drive to the site where we find a concentration of some of Ethiopians most famous Rock Hewn churches, mostly referred to by many as ʺthe living wonders of the worldʺ these churches are, they have been here for at least 900 years, an active christen shrine, the spiritual center of the counters religious life.

The monolithic churches were carved out of 2600-sq natural rock terraces in the twelve century AD by King Lalibela. Bete Medhanialem, the largest monolithic Rock hewn churches of the world, Magers 37.7 ft in Height, covers an area of almost 2625 Square feet and has walls that are up to 6 feet thick.

The Church building has supported by 36 pillars inside and 38 pillars outside. Bête Medhanialem is modeled on the original St. merry zion church built by King Ezana in the 4th century at Axum. Lalibela, the 'New Jerusalem', is thought to have been constructed some 900 years ago by King Lalibela. Once his capital city, this former bustling city is today a small village, virtually cut off from the outside world.

You will start visiting of the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela, the Northwestern Cluster of churches - Bet Medhanealem, Bet Maryam, Bet Meskel, Bet Danaghel, Bet Mikael, and Bet Golgotha (entry not permitted for women). After lunch, continue with the Southeastern Cluster of churches – Bet Gabriel-Rufael, Bet Merkorios, Bet Amanual, and Bet Abba Libanos.

Finally, you will visit the most famous of all the churches – Bet Giyorgis, constructed in honor of the patron saint of Ethiopia – Saint George. You will have a local guide both this morning and this afternoon to learn about the area's fascinating history. The exploring will include a certain amount of scrambling between rocks and through tunnels.

The churches stand in two main groups on either side of a stream; known locally as 'The River Jordan' and between they are considered one of the great wonders of the world. Most of the churches now have a permanent roof built over them to preserve them and are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Once we finished visiting the second group of churches and we will walk to the village so the complex bewildering labyrinth of underground Tunnels to the monastery where the monks and nuns live. You will have dinner with Ethiopian Teji in a traditional restaurant.

Breakfast, Lunch, and dinner

High Roof Mid-Van and Domestic Flight

Accommodation: Top Twelve Hotel and Similar


You will cover approximately 60km and 1-hour drive

Driving hours will vary depending on photo stop, pee stop, …

Day 06 – Fly back to Addis Ababa and Departure

After visiting you will get a domestic flight that takes us back to Addis Ababa. We transfer you to your hotel for day use and make a short break. After a break in the afternoon, you will enjoy a half-day guided tour of the Ethnological Museum, with its artifacts and displays of the cultures and handicrafts of Ethiopia’s many ethnic groups. At the famous National Museum, with its cultural and archaeological relics, you will visit the famous “Lucy,” a 3.2 million-year-old female hominid who was discovered in Ethiopia’s Awash Valley in 1974.

Time permitting; you may visit the biggest open-air market of Addis Ababa, the Mercato, is the largest on the continent, and you will take a drive through it. You may also visit Ba’ata Church, also known as Menelik’s Mausoleum, one of the oldest of the churches in Addis, built-in 1911. It houses beautiful paintings and the royal tombs of past emperors, including Emperor Haileselassie I.

We are then transferred to the hotel rooms and get settled before enjoying final dinner at a well-known local Ethiopian restaurant with dances from the different ethnic groups. Transfer back to the airport in the late evening for your international flight back home.

Breakfast, lunch /Picnic/ and dinner

High Roof Mid-Van and Domestic Flight

Accommodation: -


You will cover approximately 60 km and a 1-hour drive

Driving hours will vary depending on photo stop, pee stop, …

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