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Oromo People At Borena

Yabelo, Ethiopia


The Borana people live in the area of southern Ethiopia from where, it is generally believed, the Ormo launched their northward expansion in the sixteenth century. The present Borena population in Ethiopia is estimated at about 177, 000 and there is a substantial population in northern Kenya. Legend has it that the Borena came from a place called Tulu Namaduri (hill of ancient people) in Balle region and settled in Liban, where today their important shrines are located. Borena women wear colorful shawls and dresses, falling fetchingly off their shoulders. There is an interesting tale about the Borena and their spears. It is said that a Borena woman, even a married one, can have a roll with any man she chooses. The man drives his spear into the ground in front of the hut before he goes in, and even the husband is not allowed to intrude so long as the spear is there. The Borena are also famous for their strong caste system based on age groups. Groups move through stages of life and responsibility together, moving from one stage to another as they age. The Borena and Guji are the least Westernized and have the least contact with the Amhara people, so they retain traditions that may have been general with Oromos but have been discontinued with most.

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