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Meket Massif

Lalibella, Ethiopia


Trekking through Ethiopia’s third highest massif in Lalibela is quite a rewarding experience that you should not miss. Located in a fabulous position on rocky escarpments at 2,800m, the Meket Massif is the older site of the trekking tour and it has the most spectacular view of the region. In a clear day, you can see very far away and at night it has the most amazing sky since there is no light pollution. The Milk way can be seen with your naked eyes. Only the condors and ravens seem to have mastered the terrain. A vast world like this leaves plenty of room for the mind to wander, to graze, and to rest. The staggering views from the area were enough to impress Brad Pitt, who visited recently. Along the way, through juniper forests (where lammergeyers could be seen), you will have time to discover the peaceful rhythm of village life stopping at Meket Maryam Church. Sturdy peasants are seen making hay and young shepherds minding their cattle. Working closely with the community, we strive to give you the best time possible. 

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