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Geraille National Park

Liben, Ethiopia

Geraille National Park (also called Gerale National Park) is a new park and it lies in Liben Zone in the Southwest part of the Somali National Regional State. In Liben Zone, it is located in the eastern part of Moyale Woreda. It is about 900 km southeast of Addis Ababa and 120 km northeast of Moyale. 

Mostly the vegetation composition is made up of small trees and shrubs, which are 3-4 m in height. The dominant species include Acacia mellifera, Acacia oerfata, Acacia brevispica and several species of Comifora species. The area is also characterized by grassland, open shrub land, dense shrub land, dense bush land, wooded grassland and riparian woodland/bush land. The dominant grass species include Ischamum species and Chrysopogon species. The area is generally rich in floral diversity as in the case of other parts of the Somali-Massai biome-East African evergreen vegetation type. 

This park was proposed by the Somali National Regional state, although it is now under the supervision of EWCA, to conserve unique assemblage of wildlife in the Somali-Massai Biome. This Biome covers large tracts of land in Ethiopia and the park is known to harbor few Elephants, Hunting Dog, Cheetah and Giraffe. It provides haven for several antelope species. The most prolific antelopes are Guenther’s Dikdik, Beisa Oryx, Grant’s Gazelles, Gerenuk and Lesser Kudu. Amongst birds, the endemic white-tailed Swallow has been recorded here. The site is found wholly within the Juba/Shebelle Endemic Bird Area. Restricted range species including the White-winged Dove and juba Weaver are residents. The area conserves not less than 50% of birds listed in the Somali-Masai Biome Assemblage. 

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