Exploring Tourism in Ethiopia
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Ethiopia Popular Places to Visit

Denakil Deprresion

These packages are truly strange and will take you to the remotest, lowest and hottest place in the world. Here you will witness the active volcano of Erta Ale; it is absolutely worthy to see the bubbling lava. “This is the place where the earth breaths as we do!” Denakil depression is the most astonishing place, nowhere in the World

Senkele Swayne Hartebeest Sanctuary

Senkele Wldlife Sanctuary is located 48km west of Awassa, it is 340 kms south of Addis Ababa and covers an area of 54km2. The sanctuary was originally established to protect the endemic and endangered antelope species called Swayne’s hartebeests. The sanctuary is located in between Oromia and SNNPRS and managed by the Ethiopian Wildlife Cconservation Authority.  The open acacia woodland of

Didessa Wildlife Sanctuary

Didessa Wildlife Sanctuary is a protected area and wildlife sanctuary in Ethiopia. It is located in Didessa woreda, which is part of the Illubabor Zone of the Oromia Region.

Kuni-muktar Mountain Nyala Sanctuary

Kuni-Muktar Mountain Nyala Sanctuary is a protected area and wildlife sanctuary in Ethiopia. It was set up in 1989 through the intervention of the Zoological Society of London to safeguard a small decreasing population of the critically endangered Tragelaphus buxtoni or Mountain Nyala. Mountain Nyala, endemic to Ethiopia, are that country's biggest and rarest antelope, but also a most prized hunt

Yabelo Wildlife Sanctuary

Yabelo Wildlife Sanctuary is a protected area and wildlife sanctuary in southern Ethiopia. It is located in the Borena Zone of the Oromia Region west of the town of Yabelo, having an area of 2,500 square kilometers and elevations ranging from 1430 to 2000 meters above sea level.  The area of the Sanctuary is notable for its red soils which

The Blue Nile River

The Blue Nile, locally known as Abbay, is the major tributory of the great Nile river - the longest river in the world. The Blue Nile river starts from Ethiopia's lake Tana and merges with the smaller tributory White Nile at Khartoum Sudan to form the Nile River. The mysterious Nile was long hidden from Western geographers and explorers. It

Dire Dawa

The town of Dire Dawa, which was almost entirely the creation of the railway, sprang into existence in 1902 when the railway builders, advancing inland from the coast, reached that point on the line. The railway company then ran into financial and other difficulties, with the result that construction of the line stopped and the town remained the railway’s terminal

Chebera Churchura National Park

Chebera Churchura National Park is a newly established National Park located in Konta Woreda, Dawro Zone. It is 480 km south of Addis on the Addis–Jimma-Chida-Ameya road. It has a total area of 11,900 ha and elevations range from 500-2000 masl. This park used to be part of the Kulo KontaControlled Hunting Area specifically set to hunt Elephants. The decline

Geraille National Park

Geraille National Park (also called Gerale National Park) is a new park and it lies in Liben Zone in the Southwest part of the Somali National Regional State. In Liben Zone, it is located in the eastern part of Moyale Woreda. It is about 900 km southeast of Addis Ababa and 120 km northeast of Moyale.  Mostly the vegetation composition is

Aledeghi Wildlife Reserve

Aledeghi Wildlife Reserve also called Halaideghe Wildlife Reserve is the large expanse of grassland plains one finds extending from the foothills of the Asebot Mountain to the Awash-Arba asphalt road. It is nearly 50 km in length measuring straight from Awash-Arba towards the town of Gedamaitu. The climate is generally dry and arid conforming to the northeastern parts of the