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Kuriftu Resort

Kuriftu Resort

Debre Zeit, Ethiopia

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Kuriftu is an upscale Resort and Spa establishment in Ethiopia devoted to delivering an elevated guest experience. Key parts of all Kuriftus’ are a commitment to refined service. Guests can expect impeccable hospitality, exceptional epicurean experiences, world class spas and an elegant yet welcoming ambiance guaranteed to create lasting and cherished memories. Pursuing this vision is a dedicated team of talented corporate and business unit managers with several years of experience in the art of hospitality. Knowledge and passion for exceptional personalized service are the foundation upon which Kuriftu is built, and these desires are infused in each person and destination through continuous training.

Our core values are unwavering commitment to quality and professional service. We endeavor to perform all functions to perfection from designing and construction to repair and maintenance. Our goal is to do the best job that can be done. While our effort is a TEAM effort each staff is well-equipped and is employed to ensure that your service is performed in an efficient and professional manner. Our management philosophy is based on individual responsibility and empowerment manifested in a decentralized but distinctly coordinated corporate and business unit management structure.


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