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Trekking Tour In Ethiopia

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Country: Ethiopia
City: Debark
Duration: 2 Day(s) - 1 Night(s)
Tour Category: Trekking

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Simien Massif

The Simien Mountains present perhaps the most dramatic mountain scenery in Africa - great volcanic plugs formed some 40 million years ago and eroded over the aeons into fantastic crags, pinnacles and flat-topped mountains, “the chess pieces of the Gods” as one writer described them, tower over precipitous gorges, river valleys and plains stretching all the way to Eritrea. There are many peaks over 4,000 metres, and Ras Dashen at 4,620 metres is the highest in the country and the fourth highest in Africa.

The Meket Massif

Trekking through Ethiopia’s third highest massif in Lalibela is quite a rewarding experience that you should not miss. Located in a fabulous position on rocky escarpments at 2,800m, the Meket Massif is the older site of the trekking tour and it has the most spectacular view of the region.

The Bale Massif

Predominantly populated by Oromos, Bale appears to lie at the heart of the original homeland of these people. Here the land rises to 3,300m where it is covered by a beautiful juniper belt. When we go up further, the terrain would transform into typical Afro-alpine with sparse vegetation dominated by the occasional giant lobelia. Tulu Deemtu, the second highest peak (4,377m) in Ethiopia, is the climax.

Gheralta Massif

Nothing testifies to the ancientness of Christianity in Tigre more than the province’s rock-hewn churches. Situated on mountain-sides, in gorges, and other out-of-the-way-places, the churches in the Gherlata region offer an undeniable spiritual uplift. Bulky, reddish sandstone mountains and deep canyons reveal millions of years of earth history in their stratification. This is a region of buttes and columns of rock rising hundreds of feet from the valley floor.

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