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Participate In The Preparation Of Ethiopian Traditional Coffee Ceremony Tour

Participate In The Preparation Of Ethiopian Traditional Coffee Ceremony Tour Packages
Country: Ethiopia
City: Addis Ababa
Duration: 3 Hour(s) - 0 Minute(s)
Tour Category: Cultural

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The Ethiopian coffee ceremony is so unique part of the Ethiopian cultures. There is none of its kind. The country itself is one of the leading coffee growers and exporters in the world. The Ethiopian coffee has the best quality and taste which has made it renowned worldwide. It would be such a great experience for travelers to participate in the ceremony among the warm welcoming people of Ethiopia. It is worthwhile to experience the coffee ceremony whether in and /or outside Addis. Addis is flooded by traditional coffee shops and offers ample choice for travelers to stop by and have a sip.

The way the coffee cups are arranged, the handmade clay coffee pot and stove where charcoal will be put on in order to make fire and boil the coffee, the incense burner and the aromatic smoke it releases, green grasses scattered on the ground and the attendant people around, make the ceremony colorful. A drive for a couple of hours outside Addis in any direction will offer an extra beauty to a traveler’s stay as the countryside has its own flavour be it the geography, the people, the way of life, etc and adding the coffee ceremony to this will make it more enjoyable. We will be pleased to offer you the chance to get closer and even help you go further by organizing you such an occasion whereby you yourself could prepare and sip/serve the coffee.

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